Nasreddin Hodja in Schaarbeek

Nasreddin Hodja is a verry popular and humorous figure in the Turkish islamic world. His historical existence is not verified. Probably he existed in Anatolia during the 13. or 14 century. Nasreddin Hodja is often riding a donkey, looking backwards. In September 2006 such a sculpture was located at the intersection of Rubens, Vandermeersch and Gallait streets in Schaerbeek (Brussels). After a while it was vandalised. In 2019 the old and vandalised sculpture has been removed by the local administration. […]

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Pavement mosaics I (SJTN)

On several pavements in Brussels you can find small mosaics. Here I show a few of this small and nice mosaics I found in Saint Josse ten Noode. Alle Fotos: Jürgen Klute | CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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Pencils as writing instruments have somewhat gone out of fashion. However, as a conspicuous motif of street art in the Brussels graffiti scene, they have been experiencing a kind of renaissance in Brussels for a few years now. When the first graffiti pencil appeared in Brussels can no longer be determined exactly. It must have been around 2010. Since then, an anonymous group of graffiti artists has enriched the European capital and its suburbs with some hundred very different pencil […]

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